QR-SPD06-15 with 40 - 70 °C temperature, 30 strike, Imax 10KA, I-surge 7.5KA, 10kV/10kA current, 5-95% relative humidity, IP65 rating, led indicator, T3 protection class, 100,000 Hours life, and TUV, CE, CQC certification. Strict quality checking guaranteed!
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They are installed in various outdoor lightings such as parking garages, roadway, outdoor commercial LED Lighting, Tunnel lighting, Flood lighting, traffic, and digital signage.

Wiring diagram Insulation Class I application:


Wiring diagram Insulation Class II application:


This device is quite skilled in guarding the electric circuits against voltage spikes by tackling voltage over a threshold voltage.  They hold the most innovative Metal Oxide Varistors in a multi-pole configuration for thermal stability with a LED indicator. They are connected parallelly in a circuitry. These devices are backed by IEC 61643-11/EN 61643-11 certifications and standards. The maximum current discharge offered by these gizmos is 10kA. 

Their ambient temperature lies within -40 to 70°C. They protect electric installations from lightning strokes. They testify to protect the sensitive appliances notwithstanding the exposure risk. Likewise, they are tested independently and are backed by engineering and mechanical support.

Continue Voltage UC(V)IP RatingProtection ClassLED IndicatorIncluding Impedance Open-circuit Voltage   Uoc(KV)Protecting Voltage Up(L-N/KV)Protecting Voltage Up(L-PE/KV)Protecting Voltage Up(N-PE/KV)I surge (KA)StrikeImax(KA) 1 time Certificate
275IP20T3YesYes151.5227.53015CQC, TUV, CE

Technical Information:

Insulation ClassApplication field

Class I
Class II

     Electrical specifications


Class III
Acc. IEC61643-11
Protection mode
Diff. mode & Comm. mode

Max. continuous operating voltageUc (L-N)277VAC50 … 60 Hz
Max. continuous operating voltageUc (L-GND)277VAC50 … 60 Hz
Max. continuous operating voltageUc (N-GND)277VAC50 … 60 Hz
Temporary overvoltage TOVUT1505VHV system fault: 1200 V+305, at tt = 200 ms, TT (L-PE)
Temporary overvoltage TOVUT402.6VLV system fault: 305 V x 1.32 at tt = 120 m, TT 、TN
Temporary overvoltage TOVUT528VLV system fault: 305 V x √3 at tt = 5 s, TT 、TN
Power grids
Incl. all TN varieties TN-C, TN-C-S, TN-S
Nominal  discharge currentIn  (L-N)5kA@ Uoc=10KV, internal resistance=2Ω
Nominal  discharge currentIn  (L-GND)5kA@ Uoc=10KV;internal resistance=2Ω
Nominal  discharge currentIn  (N-GND)5kA@ Uoc=10KV;internal resistance=2Ω
Max. voltage protection level at InUp  (L-N)1,5kV@ Uoc=10KV;internal resistance=2Ω
Max. voltage protection level at InUp  (L-GND)2kV@ Uoc=10KV;internal resistance=2Ω
Max. voltage protection level at InUp  (N-GND)2kV@ Uoc=10KV;internal resistance=2Ω
Open-circuit voltageUoc10kV
Backup fuse
8Amax., gG fuse
End of life indication
Optical,  light ON: SPD is functional. Light OFF: SPD has reached end-of-life
Max earth leakage current at Uc
50µAMax. rms, to GND

 Other specifications

Surge withstand capability
1strikemax. at 7.5

30strikesmin. at 5kA

50strikesmin. at 3kA
Nominal  current
4ARated load current at 50 … 60 Hz
Power consumption
1.1Wmax. at Uc = 277VAC; Load current=4A
Suitable for luminaires
Class I、Class II
IEC60598Insulation Class acc. IEC60598

 Protection levels Up

IC  8/20 μsDifferential mode U2Common mode U1/U2
7.5kA≤1500 V≤2000 V / 1500 V


Environmental conditions

Specification itemValueUnitCondition
Ambient temperature-40…70°C
Tcase-max.80°CMeasured at Tc-point
Storage temperature-40…85°C
Relative humidity5…95%Non-condensing
Suitable for outdoor luminairesYes
Built-in only


Specification itemValueUnitCondition
Lifetime100,000hoursMeasured @ Tcase-max with min 90% survival



Specification itemValueUnit
Mounting length70.5mm
Overall length70.5mm
Case Width42.5mm
Case Height33mm
Fixing hole diameterM4(60*32)mm
Max. screw torque0.45Nm


Specification itemValueUnitCondition
Connector typePush-in
Single wire only
Wire diameter0.5…2.5mm2Solid and stranded
Wire strip length8…10mm

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