Quality Policy and Environmental Managment
With respect to your business.

For decades we have solid reputation due to our strict quality policy and focus on developing high quality, reliable and intelligent industrial solutions and products.

All employees are aware of the importance of permanent concern for preservation of clean environment since our attitude towards the environment influences also in the quality of life of future generations. We make our best endeavors to lessen our pressure on the environment.

It is assured that our products are manufactured according to the standards and technical documentation, and that the products with MID and ATEX statutory requirements comply with the directives and the approved type.

Aware of the accountability to the customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, environment and society, Shanghai Qiyu Optoelectronics Technology Co.,Ltd has established the following ten principles which enable profitability, decent growth as well as environmental and social accountability:

  • leadership (steering and controlling of the company),
  • customer satisfaction,
  • permanent improvements,
  • commitment to steady decline of waste and releases into the environment, and commitment to preventing pollution, substitution of natural resources with renewable ones as well as fulfilment of
  • environmental legislation,
  • property management,
  • risk management,
  • innovation,
  • accountability to employees,
  • accountability to group unit of society,
  • opening of a constructive dialogue.
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