IGBT Snubber Capacitors

 IGBT Snubber Capacitors
Qiyutech specializes in designing and customizing snubber capacitors with -40~+85/105℃ temperature range, and 0.1~5.6μF capacitance range. These IGBT snubber capacitors have lower ESR, high ipeak score, high life expectancy, and very low self-inductance. Strict quality checking guaranteed!
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Our IGBT capacitors are perfect for power semiconductor circuits, high current, high voltage, high pulse applications, IGBT modules, multiple lead styles, snubber, energy conversion, power semiconductor circuits, electric vehicles, UPS, alternative energy power, management systems, switch mode all power supplies, power supplies, and motor controllers.

Qiyutech, the certified manufacturer of all high and low voltage capacitors. Designed by only experienced professionals, these high-performance snubber capacitors are suitable for high voltage current operations. Our IGBT capacitors provide reliable protection against all transient current voltages which are produced by high dI/dt in power electronics. These are also helpful in minimizing power dissipation and deliver unparalleled performance characteristics. Additional specifications include; low ESR (low series resistance) and ESL (minimum series inductance), 0.1~5.6μF Capacitance, -40~+85/105℃ temperature range, and non-inductive dielectric polypropylene winding.

Side by side pre-listed capacitors, we are specialized in customizing capacitors, terminal styles, and alumium cases according to your requirements. And all capacitors of Qiyutech are RoHS compliant.

●Description of Products

  • Reference standard: IEC 61071-1

  • Double sided metallized polar plate, polypropylene dielectric non-inductive winding.

  • Having vertical and directly with IGBT module, maximum decreasing inductance of circuit.

  • Low ESR and high dv/dt.

  • Withstanding very high peak to peak value of current  Ipp and high frequency effective value of current Irms.

  • Can supply series products meeting all kinds of IGBT.

●Technology Features

  • To adopt double sided metallized film electrode to enhance dv/dt property.

  • To offer module devices with in-built quick recovery transistor.

 Technical Information
Temperature Range-40~+85/105℃ ( Relating to operating current )
Capacitance Range0.1~5.6μF
Capacitance Tolerance ΔC/CJ:±5% K:±10%
Rated Voltage Un700~2500Vdc
Voltage Proof Between Terminals UTT1.6Un ( 60s )
Voltage Proof Between Terminals And Case UTC 3000Vac ( 50/60Hz 60s )


 Un Part NumberUSCRTHWESRdv/dtIppIrms
        700VdcXSB 700V 12510501.22629453.160072016.5
XSB 700V 20510502.03436452.5600120022
XSB 700V 22510502.23436452.4600132022.5
XSB 700V 25510502.53436452.2600150023
XSB 700V 30510503.03445452.1600180026
XSB 700V 33510503.33445452.1600198026.5
XSB 700V 35510503.53445452600210027
XSB 700V 40510504.03045572.3360144027
XSB 700V 47510504.73854572.1360169231
XSB 700V 50510505.03854572.1360180031
XSB 700V 56510505.63854572360201632
      850VdcXSB 850V 17510751.753436452.27501312.523.5
XSB 850V 20510752.03445452750150026.5
XSB 850V 22510752.23445452750165027
XSB 850V 25510752.53445451.9750187528
XSB 850V 30510753.03045572.2450135028.5
XSB 850V 33510753.33045572.1450148529.5
XSB 850V 40510754.03854572450180032
XSB 850V 47510754.73854571.9450211533
     1000VdcXSB 1000V 15515001.53436452.2870130523.5
XSB 1000V 17515001.753445452.18701522.525
XSB 1000V 20515002.03445452870174026
XSB 1000V 22515002.23045572.5500110026
XSB 1000V 30515003.03854572.1500150030
XSB 1000V 33515003.33854572.1500165031
XSB 1000V 35515003.53854572500175032


 Un Part NumberUSCRTHWESRdv/dtIppIrms
       1200VdcXSB 1200V 56418000.562629453.7100056014.5
XSB 1200V 68418000.683436453.3100068018
XSB 1200V 82418000.823436453100082019
XSB 1200V 105180013436452.71000100020
XSB 1200V 12518001.23436452.61000120023
XSB 1200V 15518001.53445452.21000150026
XSB 1200V 205180023045572.4575115026
XSB 1200V 22518002.23854572.3575126528
XSB 1200V 25518002.53854572.25751437.530
XSB 1200V 305180033854572.1575172531
XSB 1200V 33518003.338545725751897.532
   1500VdcXSB 1500V 75420000.753436453.1122091518
XSB 1500V 105200013445452.81220122022
XSB 1500V 15520001.53854572.87251087.525
XSB 1500V 18520001.83854572.5725130527
XSB 1500V 205200023854572.3725145029
     2000VdcXSB 2000V 10424000.12629451316001608
XSB 2000V 22424000.222629456.2160035212
XSB 2000V 33424000.333436454.1160052816
XSB 2000V 47424000.473436453.3160075219
XSB 2000V 56424000.563445453160089622
XSB 2000V 68424000.683045573.7930632.423
XSB 2000V 10524001385457393093025
XSB 2000V 15524001.53854572.3930139529
    2500VdcXSB 2500V 10430000.12629451220502059
XSB 2500V 22430000.223436455.8205045115
XSB 2500V 33430000.3334364542050676.518
XSB 2500V 47430000.4734454532050963.522
XSB 2500V 56430000.563045573.5115064422
XSB 2500V 68430000.683854573.3115078225
XSB 2500V 82430000.823854573115094328

 Note: Special design available to meet your requirements.

●Dimensions(plastic box)

  • Terminals style A

IGBT Snubber CapacitorsIGBT Snubber CapacitorsIGBT Snubber CapacitorsIGBT Snubber Capacitors

  • Terminals style B

IGBT Snubber CapacitorsIGBT Snubber CapacitorsIGBT Snubber CapacitorsIGBT Snubber Capacitors

  • Terminals style C

IGBT Snubber CapacitorsIGBT Snubber Capacitors

●Dimensions(plastic box)

  • Terminals style D

IGBT Snubber CapacitorsIGBT Snubber CapacitorsIGBT Snubber Capacitors

Additional remark of dimensions 

 Case sizeCase code
    Terminals style  M6   AP2921
M8  CP222/

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