Low Voltage Filter Capacitors

Low Voltage Filter Capacitors
The Qiyutech low voltage filter capacitor is 0.45~1kV Rated voltage, 5-100KVAR, , zinc-aluminum rectangular casing, and a serious hit with -25 to +55℃ temperature, -3~+5% capacitance tolerance, <85% humidity. We offer design and capacitance optimization service with 100% quality guarantee.
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They come in handy at power grids with serious harmonic defilement. They intend to eradicate the harmonic swell and make up for the reactive power compensation. They eliminates the harmonic waves in the power grid by forming a low impedance bypass circuit; which allows the filter to consume the bulk harmonic components.

In our production line of Power Capacitors, Low Voltage Filter Capacitors are of great importance.  Qiyutech is a preeminent platform in the global market that ensures industrial and commercial applications of electrical equipment. Our good quality leads to trouble-free installations and streamlined regulations.

The segments of this product utilize the low-field strength and fully metallized polypropylene film winding. It is a compact device that ensures low contact resistance, loss and heat of the conducting part. It has a dynamic heat dissipation assembly and secures reliability. The built-in discharge resistance marks personal safety. Moreover, the capacitance lies between 5-100kvar. The ambient temperature rests amidst -25 to +55℃.


Effective heat dissipation structure design:

The components adopt the connection by copper bars, and after the press welding of low-current density lead, they are led to the wiring terminals, which will ensure low contact resistance, low loss and low heat of the electrical conducting part. The housing of the capacitor adopts metallic fully-enclosed oil-immersed structure with good heat dissipation performance. Reliable safety protection design adopts built-in discharge resistance and over pressure protection device, which will reliably ensure the personal safety of the operators and the safe operation of the electric appliances.

Main technical parameters:

1. Rated voltage (V): 0.45~1kV

2. Rated output (Q): 5~100kvar

3. Capacitance tolerance:-3~+5%

4. Tangent value of the loss angle (tan6):<0.1% (v50h20℃)

5. Maximum operating voltage: <1.5kV 8H/day, <1.37kV continuous 192H

6. Self-discharge feature: the residual voltage is <75V after the power of the capacitor is off for 3 minutes


Products Conditions of Use:

1. In indoor environment where there is no harmful gas , steam, conductive or explosive dust or violent vibration.

2. Altitude:<2000m

3. Ambient temperature: -25/55℃

4. Humidity: <85%RH


Installation and operation guidelines:

1. The selection of rated voltage: due to the smaller of the product’s design field strength, the rated voltage of the capacitor can be determined according to the actual operating voltage. In the circuit of the capacitor where the series reactor is installed, the rated voltage of the capacitor shall be properly increased.

2. When there are over 2 capacitors, the distance between the capacitors shall be over 30mm, so as to be convenient for heat dissipation.

3. When the capacitor is put into operation again after it is shut down, we suggest that it shall be done in 3 minutes after it is shut down, so as to prevent the voltage superposition.

4. It’s best to use flexible connection for the connection of the outlet terminal of the capacitor.


AGMJ0.4 (0.45) KV Series                                   Dimensions (L×D×H) mm

ModelRated voltageRated capacityRated FrequencyRated capacitanceRated currentMetalprinting(figureA)Baked varnish(figure B)
0.45-50-30.45505078664.2300×140×300Big iron shell (figure C)
0.45-60-30.45605094377300×140×340Big iron shell (figure C)

 Note: The filter capacitors with the rated voltages of 0.4KV or 0.45KV or with single phase or three phases are of the same outline dimensions, and we can customize filter capacitors with other capacities or voltage classes.

Outline and installation dimensions (metal-decorated type) mm (figure A)

Low Voltage Filter Capacitors

Outline dimensions and installation dimensions (baked varnish type) mm (figure B)

Low Voltage Filter Capacitors

Outline dimensions and installation dimensions (big iron shell type) mm(figure C)

Low Voltage Filter Capacitors

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