The high-tech QR-SPD07-10HV of Qiyutech stands alone with UC 480V Continue Voltage, T5 protection class, I-surge 5kA, Imax 10kA, 347~488Vac input voltage, 50-60Hz frequency, maximum energy 510J, 40 ℃-85℃ temperature, and 5 years quality guarantee.
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They render high surge protection for all lighting technologies. They are quite up to that task for the Class I luminaries.


This device is an economical single-phase surge protection gizmo especially designed for outdoor lighting. The security reception of L to N, L to Ground makes it quite efficient in its operation.

These compact devices are per international and national standards IEEE C62.41. It is connected parallel in a circuitry. The 347~488VAC is its input voltage range. LED indicator is not supported by them. They are highly competent in their job. The optimum operating temperature is of the order -40 ℃-85℃.

Moreover, they offer durability and are risk-free.

Technical Specs:

·  Continue Voltage UC (V): 480

·  IP Rating: IP65

·  Protection Class: T5 (UL)

·  LED Indicator: No

·  Including Impedance: No

·  Open-circuit Voltage Uoc (KV): 10

·  Protecting Voltage up (L-N/KV): 2.2

·  Protecting Voltage up (L-PE/KV): 2.2

·  Protecting Voltage Up(N-PE/KV): 2.2

·  I surge (KA): 5

·  Strike: 30

·  Imax(KA) 1 time: 10

·  Input Voltage: 347~488Vac

·  Frequency: 50-60Hz

·  Maximum Continuous RMS Voltage AC: 550Vac

·  Maximum Clamping Voltage (8/20us100A): 1500V@100A

·  Maximum Energy: 510J

·  Maximum Peak Current: 10kA(8/20us standard wave)

·  Wiring: 14Gauges stranded wire,105℃,600V

·  Ambient Temperature(Operating): -40 ℃-85℃

·  Tc: 85℃

·  UL  Certified

·  Lifetime Warranty: 5 Years (Failed not by the surge) 

The QR-SPD07-10 surge protection device may produce sparks and burns in some kind of failure state (such as MOV failure or prolonged work under the condition of greater than maximum working voltage), it must be installed inside the luminaries with certain protective function.

Pulse Rating(8/20us)


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