AC Motor Run Capacitors - CBB60 Series

AC Motor Run Capacitors - CBB60 Series
CBB60 motor run capacitor features with 1μF~80μF Capacitance, 150VAC ~ 600VAC voltage ranges, 50/60Hz frequency, high insulation resistance, ≤0.002 (100Hz) Tangent of loss, and 10,000 AFC (UL810) Fault current. And each capacitor is backed by UL approval and RoHS compliant.
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They have numerous applications, both domestic and commercial. They are used in starting or operating AC motors, tubular motor, paper smash machine, tumble dryers, compressors, dishwashers, water pump, vacuum cleaners and washing machines.

Qiuyotech has a precise development method; our gadgets perform equally. We are an internationally identified organization. Our motor run capacitors are of potential significance. The type CB660 is manufactured from metabolized polypropylene coating and has a refined metallic electrode. They have a fire-resistant aluminum shell and enclosed in oxygen resin. They are remarkably self-healing; UL recognized capacitors. They are marked by extraordinary performance and longevity. They meet the EN60252-1 specifications. The voltages are of the order 150-600 VAC. They can stand high pressures, moisture and are notably oil resistant. Moreover, their capacitance spectrum lies between 1μF~80μF.


  • Self-healing, metallized polypropylene film Epoxy enclosed

  • Plastic shell , Moisture and Oil Resistant

  • Voltages from 150 - 600 VAC

  • Meets EN60252-1 Specifications

  • UL Recognized Capacitors

  • RoHS Compliant

Technical Specs:

·  Use: Housing Material

·  Standard: GB/T3667.1、UL810、EN60252-1

·  Capacitance: 1μF~80μF

·  Rated Voltage: 150VAC ~ 600VAC 

·  Frequency: 50/60Hz

·  Capacitance Tolerance: ±5% (J) ± 10%(K)

·  Tangent of loss angle at 20°C: ≤0.002 (100Hz)

·  Fault current: 10,000 AFC (UL810)

·  Insulation resistance between terminals: ≥2000MΩ. μF (500Vdc,60s)

·  Testing voltage between terminals: 2*Un (VAC) / 60s2*Un

·  Testing voltage between terminals can case: 1000(VAC) / 60s (≥2000VAC)

·  Low dissipation

·  Casing Material: Alumium

·  Specializes specialized in customizing and designing capacitors, terminal styles, and alumium cases according to your requirements.

Dimensional drawings

Safety approvalsCQC、UL、CUL、VDE AC Motor Run Capacitors - Epoxy enclosed
Implemented standardGB/T3667.1、UL810、EN60252-1
Climatic category25/70/21、25/85/21、40/70/21、40/85/21
Rated voltage150VAC ~ 600VAC (50/60Hz)
Capacitance range1μF~80μF
Capacitance tolerance±5%(J)、±10%(K)、 %(U)
Testing voltage
between terminalsbetween terminals and case2*Un(VAC) / 60s2*Un+ 1000(VAC) / 60s(≥2000VAC)
Insulation resistance(20)
between terminals≥2000MΩ. μF (500Vdc,60s)
Tangent of loss angle(20)≤0.002 (100Hz)
Class of safety protectionP0/P2
Fault current10,000AFC( UL810)

 Typical Circuit

 AC Motor Run Capacitors - Epoxy enclosed

C = CBB60 Capacitor

Dimensionunit: mm
Rated cap.250/300VAC350VAC400/450VAC500VAC


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