CBB80 Lighting Capacitors

CBB80 Lighting Capacitors
CBB80 Lighting Capacitors maintain matchless performance with 1 ~ 100 Capacitance, 120 VAC to 450 VAC voltage ranges, 50/60Hz frequency, tan&≤0.002 (100Hz) dissipation, high insulation resistance, -70℃ 85℃ 110℃ temperature ranges and RoHS compliant.
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Halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps, sodium lamps, led floodlights, led street lights, led flashlights, and energy saver lamps.

CBB80 Lighting Capacitors – Lamp Capacitors

Qiyutech lighting capacitors range is designed and manufactured for both parallel and series circuits to correct power factor in all lighting sources. Our energy-saving CBB80 capacitors are wound non-inductively with metalized self-healing dielectric polypropylene film system. Except for epoxy resin sealing, these lighting capacitors are encapsulated in an aluminum case. The most considerable feature of Qiyutech lamp capacitors is quick fitting to any molded case. Because of our professional team design only true sizes. Additional specifications include; 70℃ 85℃ 110℃ temperature range, tan&≤0.002 (100Hz) dissipation, 1~100 capacitance, and 50/60Hz operating frequency.

Except for pre-listed capacitors, we are specialized in customizing capacitors, terminal styles, and stainless steel cases according to your requirements. And all capacitors of Qiyutech are backed by cUL and UL approval and RoHS compliant.

Technical Specs:

Capacitance: 1 ~ 100

Rated Voltage: T-T: 2.0Un/60ST-C≥2500VAC/60S

Rate VAC: 120~450

Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Dissipation Factor: ≤ 0.002 (100 Hz)

Operating Temperature: - 70℃ 85℃ 110℃

Matchless insulation resistance

Self-healing guarantees long life

Truly explosion-proof construction

Very low energy loss even on high frequency

Perfect for high voltage current

Low dissipation factor

Inner with discharge resistance and flameproof

High over-carrying capacity

Casing Material: Alumium or PC material


CBB80 Compensation Capacitor

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