Plastic Case High Voltage Pulse Capacitors

Plastic Case High Voltage Pulse Capacitors
High voltage pulse plastic case capacitor is an inexpensive and compact solution with 0.01μF to 1μF Capacitance, 100KVdc voltage ranges, -10°C to +45°C temperature, low inductance, , ≥20000 Life expectancy, 50kA peak temperature, and RoHS compliant.
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These devices are used in AC/DC power inverters or converters. These capacitors are practiced in high-frequency pulse, Marx generator, voltage double, lasers, precipitators, and lasers. They are significant in the medical field.

These capacitors are enclosed in a high insulating plastic can. The plastic casing allows maximum per unit energy density without any high power feed.  The terminal of our plastic series capacitors have a low profile and offer divers connecting options like a threaded post, insert threaded, and rails. They appear to be offering compact, inexpensive, low inductance solutions for a diverse high voltage pulse power application. For the most powerful rep rates and RMS currents extended foils and propylene, dielectrics have been used. Paper, high-density paper, and polyester are also used as dielectric combinations for improved functioning. The metalized self-healing chips are also incorporated in them and have the electrodes made of aluminum or zinc foil.  These differ in impregnation used i.e. Oil-filled or dry. The rated voltage is of the order 100kV. Current can gain the value of 50kA. The capacitance range offered by our organization extends from 0.01μF to 1μF.

The operating temperature has a spectrum of -10°C to +45°C. It ensures less inductance of the order 100nH and high break resistance. It as high ripple voltage and high reliability.

Technical Specs:

·         Ambient Temperature: -10°C to +45°C

·         Capacitance: 0.01μF to 1μF

·         Rated voltage: 100KVdc

·         Peak current: 50kA

·         low inductance

·         Charging & Discharging Frequency:≤5 times/min

·         Dielectric Insulation:dry type, oil type

·         Installation dimensions and configurations can be customized according to customers' demands.





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