Metal Case High Voltage Energy Pulse Capacitors

Metal Case High Voltage Energy Pulse Capacitors
Metal Case Energy Pulse Capacitor is a huge invention in capacitor line with 1μF~10000μF Capacitance, 3KVdc~100KVdc voltage ranges, ≥103MΩ insulation resistance, 40℃~+55℃ temperature, ≤20mΩ(20℃、1KHz) ESR, ≥20000 Life expectancy, ≥0.5J/cm3 energy density.
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Marx generators, field generators, impact welding, EM forming, electromagnetic accelerators, electromagnetic launchers, lightning simulators, X-ray pulsed generators, high power physics experiments, defense (EMP, Missile, radar, railguns, ranger finders), military (testing equipment, lasers, particle accelerators, plasma generators, ISIS’, LHC, Power electronics (PFN’s, demagnetizers, magnetizers, forming, welding, testing (high power capacitor bank, lightning simulation), and UV sterilization of food industry.

These high energy capacitors have fused metal cases of aluminum, stainless steel, brass or tempered steel. These oil-filled or dry type, extended in diameter capacitors offer the highest energy stored per unit; ideally 3-100kJ. The low-profile bushings render the least inductance for rapid discharge. For maximum peak power, Qiyutech offers 100kVDC bushing that results in less than 40nH of inductance and is capable of achieving up to a 250kA peak current. Their capacitance range is extensive and lies between 1μF~10000μF.

The ambient temperature required for their proper working rests between -40℃~+55℃. The dielectric insulation used in them is customarily either dry type MKMJ-series or oil type MKMZ. The rated voltage for its technical performance is of the order 3KVdc~100KVdc. This product had both self-healing and non-self-healing variants available for you to decide. The customized dimensions or configurations are administered by the organization for sounder action.

We at Qiyutech Technologies provide with various numerous solutions for your discharge capacitor requirements. We are an internationally recognized company that has standardized and graded products.

Technical Specs:

·         Ambient Temperature: -40℃~+55℃

·         Capacitance: 1μF~10000μF

·         Capacitance tolerance: 5%~+5%

·         ESR: ≤20mΩ(20℃、1KHz)

·         Rated voltage: 3KVdc~100KVdc

·         Energy Density:≥0.5J/cm3








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